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Call For Papers

International Joint Meeting

XXVIII Congreso Anual SNM / 2017 LAS/ANS Symposium

"New Technologies for a Nuclear Power Expansion Program"

The Sociedad Nuclear Mexicana (SNM) and the Latin-American Section of the American Nuclear Society (LAS/ANS) invite researchers and professionals to submit original papers to their International Joint Meeting. This event will take place at Mexico City, one of the World Heritage Cultural Sites and worldwide admired by its beauty, this June 18 to 21. The main topic of this important event is New Technologies for a Nuclear Power Expansion Program.

On the meeting official website,, you will find updated information about registration, venue, and important deadlines. Additionally, instructions for authors can be consulted on the website, and the meeting official full paper template can be downloaded too.

Full papers in the following topics are welcome:

Reactor Physics, Fuel cycle, and non-Proliferation

  • Neutron transport and diffusion
  • reactivity and control
  • In-core fuel burnup
  • Criticality
  • Cross section calculation and/or measurement
  • Numerical methods in reactor physics
  • Fuel and core design optimization
  • Fuel management
  • High and low level waste management
  • Final repository engineering design and materials
  • Reprocessing
  • MOX fuel
  • Safeguards

Nuclear Reactor Thermalhydraulics and Safety

  • Transient analysis
  • Design basis accident
  • Severe accident analysis
  • Reactor stability
  • Probabilistic safety assessment
  • Safety systems
  • Prediction and early detection of malfunctioning of safety systems
  • Risk modeling
  • Thermal limits
  • Structural Integrity
  • Nuclear reactor thermalhydraulics
  • Fuel element thermalmechanical analysis
  • Computational codes
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Active and passive safety systems
  • Two phase flows critical heat flux, boiling, condensation and stratification research

Operation, Maintenance, Materials, Design, and Licensing of Nuclear Power Stations

  • Aging
  • Operational experience
  • Plant life extension
  • Inspection, anomaly detection
  • Simulation and control
  • Emergency planning, instrumentation
  • Equipment qualification
  • Nuclear reactor new technologies
  • Man-machine interface
  • Decision-making informatics
  • Modularity in construction
  • New materials for components and structures
  • Corrosion, fracture, and stress on reactor vessel and internals
  • Testing and analysis of materials for the nuclear industry
  • Generation III, III+, and IV
  • Hydrogen production

Environment, Public Acceptance, and Non-Energetic Applications

  • Nuclear energy impact on climate change
  • CO2 reduction and gas and coal consumption
  • Radiological environmental impact
  • Environment and nuclear energy
  • Nuclear energy and public opinion
  • Isotope and radiation applications in industry, medicine, agriculture
  • Tomography, neutrography, gammagraphy, spectrometry
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Particle accelerators and X rays

Energy Planning and Human Resources in the Energy Industry

  • Nuclear economy
  • Nuclear energy and energy planning
  • Decommissioning and dismantling of facilities
  • Levelized generation cost calculation methods
  • Hydrogen economy
  • Experience in education and training programs
  • Safety culture and nuclear knowledge management

Radiological Protection and Safety

  • Qualification and certification in radiological protection
  • Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation industrial applications
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Nuclear instrumentation
  • Regulation
  • Shielding
  • Power and research reactor radiological safety and security
  • Radioactive material transport
  • Radiological waste management and environmental impact


Full paper reception due:March 31, 2017
Notification of submitted paper acceptance decision:April 2, 2017
Final Papel reception due:April 16, 2017

Technical Program

Jaime Esquivel-Estrada

Javier Ortiz-Villafuerte